Look when it boils down to grandparents I forget I’m an adult I get all excited inside and start feeling like a kid again. A year ago at a family memeber’s funeral in Soweto, my grandmother the one on the right said something very important to me that I’ve never thought about, it got me thinking. She said our generation is extremely lazy and materialistic. I know that, I said to myself. She said a lot of things. Another point my grandmother raised is the day her age group passes, elders born in the 20’s-50’s who’s going to hold families together. Host family gatherings. Holding family meetings. All we do is going out, spending more time with friends than with family, buying alcohol and put up a front.

The day our grandparents depart from this world reality will kick in, we actually can’t do anything without them. We need their guidance, they taught our parents everything they needed to know to teach us the basics and what do we do rely on cooking shows, read magazines and blogs to seek for advice. Grandparents are the source of spiritual guardians. God forbid should anything happen to my grandmother it would kill me. Literally. I try by all means to visit her and spend a little more time with her. We always have the best conversations we talk about everything. She’s the one person I’m not afraid of being vulnerable in front of as well as letting my guards down.


Pap ‘N Wors 2

Attention, attention this calls for a celebration, it’s a fiesta
90’s baby born in the 90’s playing TKZEE family in the background, boom box speakers outside, fill up the table ka Hunter’s, Belgravia Gin ‘n tonic ke stuff saka
Fill up my paper cup with custard and jelly, where’s my plastic spoon at?
Make the circle bigger, turn around let that body drop to the floor, do the twirl, jika to a beat, praat dat tsotsi taal
Monate repolaye for once and for all
Finish and klaar

You know it’s a family gathering if somebody’s name is Mable, Pinky or Rose
Beetroot, potato salad, sweet ‘n sour, chakalaka, green salad, coleslaw
Steam bread, tribe, chicken, beef, steak, and pap’n wors
Straight with the weed, tanqueray, no dash
There will always be that one nosey aunt who hides aways the alcohol
Hides the only key inside her sweaty breasts

Pap ‘N Wors

I’m looking for some advice that will let me light up again
I’m done listening to jealousy talks in between eating snacks
No smoking weed in the house
Leave the keys for the couch potato to hold onto to

God answered all my prayers, raindrops fell from heaven and cleared my burdens
Wrote a couple of letters to express my feelings I hope you got them, found comfort in my distress, those words are hand written, graffiti every detail down for you to read, did your heart compress them, I can’t stress it enough
It’s just a question that needs an answer
You are Aaliyah, One in a million to me
Didn’t mean not to leave you a plate of pap ‘n wors and green salad on the side
I’ll make it up to you with a bottle of Hennessy, secretly it’s Neapolitan ice-cream you’re down for

Future Husband

I miss you today like I did yesterday
I missed yesterday like I do today
It’s the little things you do that turned my world upside down than rightup again
You listen to my troubles without any judgement
Everytime we make love heaven’s gate opens and angels preach
You’ve already seen me at my worst I’ve got nothing to hide
You’ve already seen me without my wig on
You were the missing piece to my puzzle
My board is now complete

You’re all I see
You’re always on my mind
Our love is divine
From the depths of my soul and beyond your true identity remains a mystery
I’m writing this letter to my immortal beloved inspired by Beethoven
Through dark days and stormy nights I’ll always be there for you

Rich People

I don’t have a domesticated life
Beverly Hills estate to make me smile without a doubt
Landscaper and housekeepers around to cradle to my every desire
The water is blue as clear as my vision board on the wall
Sweet paradise
Sunset Boulevard

Real love that’s what you want more than name brands you can’t pronounce
Snorting cocaine for breakfast
Fake friends want to see you six feet under
There is nothing a white line can’t fix
So what’s changed since they left you in debt
Where are they today?

You don’t have to go through what you’re going through
We’ve all been there once too many times
It’s not easy to walk away from sugar free drinks
satellite dish, flat screen TV to view
Sweet paradise
Sunset Boulevard

Daddy Issues

His infidelity did more harm than good
It’s the Cold War all over again, divided we shall stand in front of people, strike a pose for the camera, aren’t you sick and tired of lying?
Lack of trust at home I curse the day I gave second chances, chances on chances
And it’s my fault for seeing the good everybody even though it’s not there

Remember how as kids the twins and I were treated different, rubbed in my face cause I’m not your blood, favouritism came between us
It was so hard to ignore it, you can actually feel it even if you don’t want to
I was forced to feel it’s presence whether I liked it or not
This is the last time I’ll ever let anyone treat me like an option
Yes I get it I’m quiet by nature that doesn’t give you the right to treat me like an idiot

Like I don’t know what’s going on
My answer is always yes
Like I have a hard time saying no
I’m a follower not a leader
After everything has been said and done who’s going to wipe away the tears on my face when I begin to cry
He made my heart bleed, the first man to fumble my heart and watch it break on the floor
I’ll took an L for Lessons

Don’t Say A Word

Skin is soft like a baby’s buttocks
Nothing beats a man’s touch
Learnt about sex watching porn on TV at night close to midnight or receiving, sending and downloading explicit videos on porn sites
Kim K and Paris Hilton had their fair share of drama and taste of fame
In sex education I wish we were taught karma sutra
Enough about me, let’s talk about you for a change
how was your first orgasm
Foreplay is God’s gift to women
give it a lick, water splash in your face
now that’s a good look
The devil is in the detail