Blowing Off Some Steam..

All of a sudden you say you want me put puzzle pieces back together again
you split apart
part from that I’m not vocal
Which means we’ll talk about it soon as I get home not over the phone
My blood pressure is on the rise
You’re acting out
You’re painting yourself as a clown
People who say they don’t like drama are the ones who create the hype
I can’t wait to say goodbye cause..
You love to see me stressing over something so I can sex you down
Here I am knocking at your door with nothing but a thong on
Ten fingers on my body
it’s a dirty religion, you got exams in the morning study it like a holy Bible

The Turn-Off

I feel like I don’t you anymore
We are going the distance
Can circumstances be the one to be blamed
There are certain things I wish that I could say on the down low
I can’t even speak to you right now
I miss those days you used to call me on my cell phone just to check up on me
And I’d get nervous on the other end of the line you could tell by my fumbled words scattered all over the place
This time around I’m done
I won’t play ghost busters to someone who doesn’t want it as bad as I do
This thing called love


It’s been ten years I haven’t seen you
I wonder if you’ll still remember me
And I know we don’t speak no more
You got a good girl with bad habitats
I just called to tell you I’m sorry
For believing your friends when they told me you’re out here messing around with all these women
Please forgive me for I have sinned
I’ll fast for days if you want me too
That’s when you turned around and said this line to me in my face
We cant get it together cause I don’t want you no more
How could I forget that night I went to bad early I’ll never recover
I had voodoo thoughts

Peaches And Cream

I hope you don’t mind I put Janet on come here and let me it ride in reverse cowgirl Swirl on it, going up and down
I’m a champion driver you’ll think I’m a Jackson cause I remember the time
You kissed me between my thighs
We can do it like we’re on a movie set no need for an audience
cause I’m shy

It Is What It Is

Do you believe in the Kardashian curse what’s success without sacrifice
Scratch that, let me start over again
Don’t play with my heart,
play my pussy make it wet not my eyes
What are you doing sitting there besides yourself come over here and lay down on this bed with me
Let’s talk about how I make you feel
I can sleep with thousands of men and still I wouldn’t know what unconditional love is
Don’t switch up on me
Don’t run your game on me
Don’t go breaking my heart
He cheated on his girl with me I guess that man didn’t know any better
He shows efforts when I come to visit
I guess that makes me special
Society paints me as a side chick


I don’t remember the last book I read
it must’ve been an Anne Rice novel
if I could recall turning pages of
The Vampire Chronicles
I’m not a school kid in uniform I’m still learning as I move along that’s how the story goes onto my next flow
My birthday is on the same day as Bruce Lee
got a crush on Willis I’m just weird

Had a decent conversation with a married man we talked about pussy, money and weed
We’re not in this for commitment
He opened up to me I could tell that he’s from the North side
He said on television the news anchor talked about global warming
It’s all that’s important
Winter is my favourite season ice-cream tastes better blanked up in front of a heater
Now everybody wants to be a pop star we don’t need another Britney Spears on the radio
Somewhere in this world someone is carrying a future Einstein

Love Jones

Heard about my past things I used to do to men I’d seduce every musician in a band
That promised fortune and fame
Tell me what’s on your mind take your weight off of me I know we can make it work forget about my history
You should know about now you’ve got me Love Jones I’d be a fool to ruin it
Jealous ones just won’t let us be
When I’m gone I’m not doing anything wrong
Sometimes you wonder if we’ll pull through
Look me deep in the eyes
You’ll see I don’t want to be without you
I’m ready to give you my body and my heart
Stay the night with me
cause you’ve got that thing I like
Take a peek through God’s window and you’ll see a doorway to Heaven


I found my peace in you
Your heart is my comfort zone let me compress these words I’m about to say in a minute I’ll explain
This my confession
Can I say my piece
You might not agree with me
Black men demand respect but lack compassion
Keep a straight face when I say honestly I can’t stand you
Yes I’m still hurting
Yes I’m still a petty ex

I know in my heart you played me like Dirty Diana
I know in my mind we’re not meant to be it’s always been God’s plan
We were just part-time lovers
I’m not the girl in your life you can turn into a wife cause I’m not the one
Someday we’ll sing to Rhythm Divine
soak ourselves into Enrique Iglesias lyrics
Then maybe we can get to common ground and get back to basics


I just want to talk to you
I’ve got things to say
We’ve already said too much
And I don’t want to fight right now
Here you are talking about separation
Is there somebody else besides me
Share your deepest thoughts with me
I promise I’ll do the same
Just hear me out

Autumn’s Tears

You said this would be the last time I’ll be seeing you
Cause you want to cut ties so you can move on with your life without me in it
You don’t want to talk to me no more
You don’t want to meet up at the park
You said it would be best if we blocked each other on all social media platforms
My mindset is everything
And every morning when I wake up I dress myself in confidence
Your absence has not taken my dignity away
You took your love away
I gave your nickname to someone else
A dent is left in Autumn’s tears
Leaves turned colour from green to orange
As the weather got colder I rised I became stronger
the day you told me to fade into space
I remember when I used to love you I saved your contacts as Munchie
Cause you were as delicious as toast
I learnt to get gone by moving along
I didn’t even check my phone
hoping you’d call me just to say hello
Seal came on the radio today
Kiss From A Rose healed the pain away
I’ve never been the type who would give up easily without a fight
I had to know if I was right or wrong about us I refused to accept it’s over
You brought me to my knees, got me begging
my delicate heart, fragile ego is bruised